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This is a safe and inspiring space for Chinese learners, no matter in what levels or from which country, to communicate, interact, and practice in Mandarin Chinese. 

Group members are welcome to share resources, exchange ideas, make friends, host online events, support each others or seek for help/solution regarding the challenges you encounter while learning Chinese in this group.

你好!We hope you enjoy the positive communication, the useful educational resources and friendship in this community. Let's learn Chinese together 一起學中文吧!

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Adult Chinese Conversation Program


Let's celebrate the new year of 2021 with $20 for 21 sessions and more than 20 topics.

Learning with everyday-related themes. It's more than language class but a community where you can meet people from different places around the world. Online interaction with native Chinese teachers and other Chinese learners.

  • Entertainment 影視娛樂

  • Travel 旅遊觀光

  • Study Abroad 海外遊學

  • Food 飲食文化

  • Sport 體育賽事

  • Music 音樂歌曲

  • Social Media 社交軟體

  • Shopping 購物採買

  • Technology 工業科技

  •  Cross-culture 跨文化學習

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