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Teaching Chinese is no longer a dream. It's our goal!


​想要開始一段新的事業或賺取額外收入嗎?那麼歡迎您加入我們線上中文教師培訓計劃。您將會學到語言教學策略、線上教學技術以及教學方法,例如如何教不同年齡段的學生、如何進行課堂管理、如何設計課堂遊戲和活動、如何讓學生積極參與課堂等等。您將有機會進行試教,練習所學的內容。我們有經驗豐富的老師可以提供一對一指導。您在培訓中學到的內容在任何平台都適用,而且任何人都可以參加培訓,無論您是在校大學生還是正在工作的人士,都歡迎報名參加,有無教學經驗均可。我們將為成功通過培訓的人員提供就業的機會,您將有機會加入你好中文教育,成為我們的線上中文老師。培訓每週一開課,您可以在2-4周內完成培訓,獲得證書。如果有任何問題,請聯繫 了解更多培訓的信息。

Want to start a new career or earn extra income? Join our online teacher training program at Ni Hao Chinese. You will learn about language teaching strategies, online teaching technology, and instructional methods to teach students of different ages, such as classroom management, class games & activity design, ways to keep students engaged, etc. You will have the opportunity to practice online teaching and we have experienced teachers who can guide you one-on-one. The training you gain at Ni Hao Chinese can be used everywhere. Everyone can participate no matter if you’re a college student or a working professional. No teaching experience is required. We provide career opportunities for those people who successfully passed the training. Classes start every Monday, you can complete the training and earn a certificate in as little as 2-4 weeks. Contact for more information.

#​開課時間 Class start date:Every Monday

​線上培訓項目 Online Training Program

Language Program


Teacher and Blackboard


華語教學培訓 30 hrs:

Length: 2-4 weeks with flexible schedule

Class mode: 100% online 

  • 線上教學訓練 Online program intro

  • 課程計畫撰寫 Lesson planning

  • 語言教學方法 Language teaching

  • 幻燈片設計 Class slides design

  • ​課堂試教實作 Teaching demo

  • ​教學評估 Evaluation

​獨家官方認證 Your Certification

​通過教師培訓 After Completion 

  • 適用於任一你好中文分校 All-branches acknowledged

  • 實習就業機會 Career opportunities

  • 教學資源共享 Resources sharing and support

  • ​推廣華文教育 Promote Chinese education

Online Discussion

​頂尖師資陣容 Our Teachers

NH Teacher CNY image.jpg


Ni Hao Chinese Education recruits Mandarin teachers from all around the world. We own the most professional team and resources. Our teachers' come from various backgrounds and disciplines such as Early Childhood Education, Linguistic, Second Language Studies, Special Education, Chinese Education, etc. The teachers and staff at Ni Hao Chinese Education also own certificates and degrees from prestige institutions: Penn State Univ, USC, Columbia Univ, U of Michigan, UCLA, etc. You can get the best education and the most useful teaching techniques at Ni Hao Chinese.

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