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Child Chinese Conversation Program


Let's celebrate the new year of 2021 with $20 for 21 sessions and more than 20 topics.


Learning with everyday-related themes.This program aims to increase children's exposure to Chinese culture through interesting topics, activities and verbal communication. It is a good opportunity to engage in online interaction with native Chinese teachers and other Chinese learners.

Session time: Friday and Saturday 4:00-4:30 PM (PST)
Mother and Child
Children's Cooking Class
Children Meditating

Topics include 會話主題:

  • Music 音樂歌曲

  • Cooking 親子烹飪

  • Idioms 成語俗諺

  • STEM 趣味科學

  • Folklore & History 民間故事

  • Festival 節日慶典

  • Travel 旅遊觀光

  • Kung Fu 傳統武術

  • Food 飲食文化

  • Board Game 益智桌遊

Explore more topics 探索更多主題

Other programs for kids 其他學習資源

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